How to write a test plan

Test plan provides an overview of testing approach, resources and schedules of the intended testing activities.  Test plan is usually written in conjunction with test strategy.  It is recommended that you read How to write a test strategy before continuing reading this article.

Test strategy outlines different test levels to be carried out for example 1) Component Testing 2) Integration Testing and 3) User Acceptance Testing for standard 3-tier business layer web application.  Test plan however provides the details of test activities for each test level outlined in test strategy.  The required information for writing test plan are (if applicable):

  • System architecture outlining the whole system from user interface, logic or business layer and database
  • Project schedule i.e. what will be developed per iteration
  • High level of requirements, use cases and features to be implemented.. etc.

the content of test plan documentation will be covering these areas:

  • What features to be tested
  • What features will be excluded or partly included
  • Entry and exit criteria (you can also add suspension and resume criteria) for each test level included in Test Strategy
  • Assumptions and constraints
  • Testing schedules
  • Test deliverables i.e. test scripts, weekly reports, test plan and test sign-off report
  • Defect management work flow and template
  • Priority classification.  Requirement Driven Testing uses priority to select test cases to execute.
  • Severity classification for defects
  • Project and product risk(s)
  • Testing resource
  • Testing environment information.. etc

Dear readers,

We received a large number of emails for test plan template.  You can now get a copy in Word Document emailed to you instantly.  I trust this template will add value to your organization and save your time.  Feel free to contact us if you have any feedback.

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